Michael Cavallo, SVP Global Business Development

Mr. Cavallo started a successful company in 1995, selling Axil Unix hardware to multiple verticals. This was not an easy achievement, since most firms only wanted SUN systems running SUN OS. The contacts he was meeting with either didn’t understand Axil was 100% SPARC compliant or were leery of being the first in their organization to make the change from SUN to Axil.

Michael achieved this goal by learning about the similarities of SUN OS and Solaris and next educating the prospective buyers. When this was carried out, it was a win-win situation, since the buyers that went with Axil soon learned they were capable of doing everything a SUN could do at a much lower cost and Michael won over new clients.

Next the UNIX market started to slowdown and Michael realized it was time to choose a new path. He decided to consult as a Unix Administrator for a global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company and successfully worked on multiple high-level projects. When the consulting engagement ended Michael decided to use his UNIX skills as a consultant in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Michael next decided he wanted a change and decided to enter the exciting field of executive recruiting. Starting at the bottom and working long hours to learn full lifecycle recruiting is what he did for the next eight years.

In 2008 Michael was asked to join Zen4IT (DBA) Sapta Global where he is currently SVP Global Business Development handling all aspects of recruiting for numerous clients.

Michael graduated from American InterContinental University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). In addition, he has an Associate’s degree from NEC/RETS in Electrical engineering and lastly, is certified in Solaris 8 from AVTECH.