ProcessHR Financial Management

ProcessHR Financial Management can be used as an Enterprise or Departmental level solution based on the requirements and current systems currently in place.

Key Components:

Invoice Management

Centralized Invoicing provides more effective cash flow monitoring, shortens billing time and keeps overhead costs low.

Purchase Order Creation

Purchase Order creation establishes billing discipline in the organization. An invoice cannot be paid without referring to the correct Purchase Order.

Automated 3-Way Invoice Matching

Automated 3-way invoice matching helps eliminates many of the disputes that exist in the Contracting industry. For an invoice to be paid the invoice must reference the Purchase Order number then show the Hours, Rate and Expenses when appropriate to be paid in that period.

Supplier Portal

The Supplier Portal enables the Supplier to reference their Purchase Order and generate an invoice based on the approved number of Hours, Rates and Expenses when appropriate that the consultant has worked. The supplier can attach their timesheets in pdf format for cross verification to ProcessHR Invoicing.

Bonus Pay / Commissions / Performance Rewards:

Pay motivation is an important key to success for many Human Resource or Recruiting teams. ProcessHR includes integrated bonus pay, commissions and performance rewards. Managers and Recruiters are able to see their Year-to-Date performance without asking for reports to be written or waiting for the end of a pay period.

ProcessHR Dynamic Reporting

ProcessHR includes ‘Drop and Drag’ Field level reporting so Managers and Associates with the proper security access can create and run reports that are important to them without needing the assistance of a technical support person.